Does it matter what slot ram goes in

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Intel's Haswell architecture is behind the bulk of its current desktop processors, and it was its first to include native support for dual-channel memory, with up to 32GB of RAM.

3 Answers. Every slot color indicates that which type of RAM should be placed in it. If there are two slots that have the same color then it indicates that it supports dual channel. Does it matter what slots you put ram into? | [H]ard|Forum Does it matter what slots you put ram into? Discussion in 'Memory' started by V4oLDbOY, Aug 13, 2010. Installing RAM (Memory) in Your Computer

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I was cleaning out my PC today and when I started plugging everything back together, I forgot which numbered VGA slot my cords went in for my GTX 970.Right now I have it plugged into VGA 2 and VGA 4, does it really matter or am I just overthinking this and being too paranoid? Does it matter? GPU slot | Forum Does it matter if I put the GPU in the first 16x slot or the second 16x slot. The 4th slot from the top. I have a 40 lanes Processor. It is a little bit compact at the top and it looks a bit better.

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Upgrade the Ram in Your Macbook: 7 Steps Pull it out completely and place it in an anti-static bag temporarily until you can put it in the new ram's packaging. Avoid touching the chips or traces.

I had 512mb in slot one and two originally, but after running memtest and getting 690 some odd errors I switched the ram from slot two to slot three. Poof the errors were gone and it finished the tests in less then half the time.

Does it matter which slot you put an additional RAM card Oct 29, 2014 · Lightroom Guru. Normally, you fill Bank 1 first and then bank 2. If the RAM is mismatched then you want to Place matching pairs together If all RAM is the same brand and size, then it does not matter. If you have 2 4GB RAM cards and 1 8 GB Card then the two 4GB cards go in slots 0&1. And the single 8GB card goes in slot 2. [SOLVED] Does it matter which slot the memory goes? - Tech